02/ 03

Marco's Men Care
: app design

Marco's is a men's skincare that helps take care of all men around the world as it is perfect for any skin type.

"I expect to have a brand that represents masculinity, hygiene, and credibility because I want all men to be able to look after their skin and be comfortable buying their own products."

Men tend to have a hard time selecting skincare products for their skin and find it irrelevant to spend so much time on choosing a product.

As a brand identity and UI designer, I first created the color palette that gave a masculine feeling. David (Michelangelo) was the reference that I was given. So, I decided to illustrate it by only using the blob brush because I wanted it to have a crafting finish and manly feeling.

The application maintained the same concept and goal to make it consistent. The design looked clean and well-organized, making the buying experience flawless.

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