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swoosh money transfer
: logo / website design

Swoosh is a money transfer service that offers a fast and convenient process to customers, making abroad money transfers to your loved ones smoothly.

"We want a logo that shows what we are and how smooth the transfer is. It should convey the reliability, convenience, and trend. The website should also maintain brand consistency and assist customers in making a transfer easily."

People who live abroad are likely to choose money transfer providers to send money abroad over traditional banks because of the conversion rates and fees. The image of the company through any media has to be reliable to persuade customers to send money with Swoosh, especially when Swoosh is new on the market. I chose to create a modern logo with an S, expressing "Swoosh" and "Smooth," and the arrows to both sides, meaning transfer to and from.

The website I designed was well-arranged with all the information. It started by telling the story about the company, followed by the transfer services. I implemented illustration by using Undraw, a plug-in, in Adobe Illustrator. I also added a sense of smoothness in the background and used radius corners to support the concept of the business goal.

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