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lazy fox thai cuisine
: logo / website design

Lazy Fox Thai Cuisine is a Thai restaurant that offers authentic Thai tastes with a modern presentation to represent the most visited city, Bangkok, Thailand, in 2019.

"I need my brand to stand out from my competitors. I want my logo to be friendly, recognizable, and unique, not a simple typography logo. The logo will be used on multiple products. I also want a website that is easy to navigate while maintaining brand characteristics. The website should promote the brand and revenue."

This project was challenging as the business goal and expectation were to increase revenue and to make customers order food from the website instead of ordering through delivery partner websites or applications. My design solutions were to create an eye-catching logo, modern branding, color palette, and user-friendly website.

As a brand identity and web designer, I started by researching competitors' branding to ensure that the brand I was building would stand out and be the best in the market. Then, I gathered some inspirations and started sketching for the logo. I vectorized different styles of them and sent them to the client to review. I also ask other designers for feedback. I made some changes to the logo and applied it to mockups for the client to see what it would look like on a product.

I applied my knowledge of creating websites to design the e-commerce website to accomplish the business goal and customer needs. I believe that the website stands out from the competitors and accessible for customers to navigate around and complete an order.

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